Wandering around Catalonia

My favorite places on the northeastern corner of Spain.

Photo by Marta Moya on Unsplash

Similarly to Wandering around Phuket Island, I'm putting this list together as a way to thank — somewhat late! — a friend who kindly recommend me some cool places to visit in Catalonia the first time I went there.

The following are (at the moment I'm writing this) my favourite places in the autonomous community.

Norma Còmics

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I’m sorry for starting this list with a commercial place, but this shop is a must-go for all comic enthusiasts — like myself.

Norma Còmics

Bodega Sopena

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I tend to believe that every country in the world has their own version (and sometimes even multiple ones) of my hometown's iconic bar Bambus. This is one of the Catalonia's versions.

Order some vermute and have fun!

Bodega Sopena

Cala Canyelles

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One of the beaches I've enjoyed the most!

Cala Canyelles


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This is one of those magical places impossible to describe. Just go! If it wasn’t for the crowd of tourists (myself included, guilty!), this place pretty much could be “heaven on earth”.


Skydive Empuriabrava

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Known as "The Land of the Sky", Empuriabrava is a unique place to jump off a plane. The largest residential marina in Europe (~24 km of navigable waterways) seen from above is breathtaking. The town has more than 40 km of canals! Plus, S.E. (the DZ) is frequented by suuuuper nice people and top-notch professionals to skydiving with and learn from.

Skydive Empuriabrava, The Land of the Sky


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A friend of mine kindly took me to this duper beautiful and well-known beach. We haven't been only in the most well-kwon (and thus packed!) spots though. We've got some trails and, after walking up and down for a while, we've got to a couple of amazing, often desert natural pools.

Roses (in one of the secret spots!)

La Xampanyeria

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In general, I'm not a fan of crowded places, in particular when we're talking about crowds of tourists. But this one is a fair exception.

Order a sandwich, a bottle of rosé cava, and enjoy your time!

Can Paixano, La Xampanyeria

Tibidabo Mountain

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If you enjoy hiking as much as I do, you must hike Tibidabo.

Tibidabo Mountain

Sala Montjuïc

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In fact, this is rather an event than a place. A few times per year, Sala Montjuïc holds film evenings at Montjuïc Castle, one of the most iconic spots in Barcelona. The films are are accompanied by live music and the opportunity to have dinner and a picnic in the open air during the hottest months of the year. Definitively, another unique experience.

Sala Montjuïc


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Of course, I couldn't left the magical AKASHA Hub BCN out of this list. Learn more about them on their website, pay attention to their calendar of events, and do not miss the chance to get in touch with the lovely people who run the hub and its regulars.

AKASHA Hub Barcelona