The Best Software Development Method

From drafting the original idea to implementing development solutions, the answer to the best holistic software method is rarely one-size-fits-all.

Silver Bullets Don’t Exist

Shelf Methods/Approaches

Orchestration and Continuous Improvement

Summing Up

  • Silver bullets don’t exist. Each project has unique characteristics and, therefore, needs a specific development method.
  • Since each project is unique, shelf solutions rarely are optimal. That being so, in order to get to the best software development method, you must design your own method according to the characteristics of your own project.
  • To design your own method, learn from all existent approaches, processes, frameworks, methods, and practices.
  • Keep it simple at first. Start using it ASAP and improve it based on actual feedback.
  • Someone must be in charge of orchestrating everything related to your brand new development method.
  • Continual continuous improvement is crucial.




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